Promotional Aids

QR Code Event Flyer

This code contains everything a flyer would have. A person simply uses their smartphone. They will hold their phone up to the QR Code as if they were taking a picture. Once their phone scans the image a URL Link will be produced whereby they can view the event details. Try it now, set our smartphone up as if you want to take a picture of the QR Code. Hold your phone up to the desktop screen and you should see the link appear. 

To copy the image simply curser over the image. Right click the image and click SAVE AS

Anyone Can Copy and Paste this URL Link:  anywhere on Social Media or send via a txt message to anyone with a smartphone.

Double Flyer to Cut & Pass Out

So to get this flyer you simply need to click here and print out in either color or Black and White.  

6 Business Card Style Flyers

If you would like to download this sheet and cut out six cards at a time CLICK HERE