The Moderation

Welcome, this is a school and not a church and neither are we affiliated with any religious organization. This school is a non-profit, non-denominational, religious, and scientific research organization; dedicated to showing proof of the existence of Yahweh, our Elohim, and the operation of His eternal purpose, pattern and plan operating throughout eternity to this present day.

This school was established as a result of a divine vision and revelation given to our founder , Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley, in the state of Ohio in 1931. We were incorporated in the state of California in 1958. Since then, we've established various branch schools throughout the United States and in various locations throughout the world. 

In this school we use the true, correct and original name and title of the Father, the Word or Son, and the Holy Spirit, which are contained in the original Hebrew text. The true name of the Heavenly Father is Yahweh; it has been improperly substituted by “Lord”. The true title of the Word or Son is Elohim; it has been improperly substituted by “God”. The name of the Holy Spirit manifested in or out of a physical body is Yahshua; it has been erroneously substituted by “Jesus Christ”.

“Lord” and “God” are titles and not names. The Apostle Paul, filled with the Holy Spirit, tells us in 1st Corinthians 8:5 that “there are lords many and gods many”, but we now know that each lord must have a name and each god must have a name also. Elohim is a title, but unlike “Lord” and “God”, Elohim is a Divine title; that means, Elohim is the title that our Creator chose for Himself.

“Jesus” is a name, but it is an erroneous name. A minor investigation on your part in a good dictionary or encyclopedia would prove that neither the Hebrew language, the Greek language, nor the Latin language have any characters or letters in their alphabet that would produce the sound that is made by this letter “J”. Neither was there a letter “J” in the English language until some 1400 years after the Messiah’s death. Therefore, such names as “Jesus” and “Jehovah” are impossible renderings of the true and original name of our Father and His Son. “Christ” is a title, just like “Lord” and “God”.

Yahweh is pure spirit and in this state He is incomprehensible and inscrutable. He is the ultimate source, substance, limits, and bounds of everything. We have Yahweh in His pure spirit state symbolized on this chart

as a cloud. Yahweh is not a cloud; He merely chose a cloud to symbolize Himself because a cloud has no particular or descriptive shape and form. We have drawn this cloud all around the edges of this chart to show you that everything on this chart is within the cloud. In like manner, everything in the universe abides within the pure spirit state of Yahweh.Yahweh, knowing that man could not perceive of him in this pure spirit state, took on shape and took on form right within Himself, as Elohim. This is the Word or Son — a super incorporeal being; that is, having the shape and form of a man, but without flesh and blood. This form could only be seen in Divine Visions and understood in Divine Revelations. Later on, this self-same Spirit manifested Himself in a physical body and walked the earth plane as Yahshua the Messiah, whom the World calls “Jesus Christ”.

Now there is only one name given unto salvation and we must know that name. The simple, yet intelligent question that we should ask ourselves is, “What was the name of the Savior during the time that He walked the earth plane?” A further understanding of this name and title may be had by reading the Preface of the Holy Name Bible.

Also in this school, we teach by the Divine Pattern of the Universe. It is called the Divine Pattern because it is Yahweh’s Pattern. After Yahweh led the children of Israel out of Egypt, He called Moses atop Mt. Sinai and showed him the Tabernacle Pattern in a vision. Yahweh instructed Moses to build one exactly like it in the wilderness of Sinai. The Pattern consists of a Most Holy Place, Holy Place and a Court Round About; these three compartments make up the one Tabernacle Pattern.

In this school we show proof that everything in the universe is made and operates according to the structure and function of this three-fold Tabernacle Pattern, and that absolutely nothing escapes the Pattern.